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What Is Salesforce’s #TeamEarth All About?

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Building ethical, accessible, inclusive products, learning about unconscious bias, and creating a climate action plan drives the #TeamEarth campaign. Since its inception, Salesforce has laid the foundation for companies to advance business processes. We wanted to dig a little deeper and find out more about the new #TeamEarth Campaign!

The goal for #TeamEarth is to serve as a call to action for individuals and businesses to join a community united by the desire to make a difference. This campaign is propelled by the crisis of inequality, the trust crisis, and the climate crisis.

Salesforce is shining a light on how companies can come together to build a better future for future generations. The entire global community is invited to join along on the journey to a greener, more sustainable earth. 

One of the campaign’s highlights is that it will be aired during prime-time events reaching millions of viewers worldwide. We chat about the video with Matthew McConaughey in this article and find out what is #TeamEarth. 

Salesforce #TeamEarth Super Bowl Video

The new Salesforce campaign featuring actor Matthew McConaughey has been launched and will be shown at the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics 2022 with Salesforce being a sponsor of Team USA. It’s known as the “New Frontier” and is part of Salesforce’s “Team Earth” climate change campaign.

This campaign calls on individuals and businesses to rally around a more sustainable and fair future. In the campaign, Matthew McConaughey is an astronaut who is initially fascinated about the wonders of space, which he calls the “new frontier.” 

He quickly realizes that he is more fond of what earth has to offer. The ad reminds people that with all the hype going around concerning the metaverse, space, and colonizing Mars, they should not forget about our precious earth.

Salesforce’s preceding campaign aimed to assist the consumer in understanding what the company does. The movement spreads knowledge about what the heart of Salesforce is, where the business’s values lie, and what it stands for.

Matthew McConaughey serves as Salesforce’s newest brand advisor, which is just the beginning of the pair’s relationship. The two came together over their shared feelings regarding businesses having the responsibility to drive change and not just profit.

Salesforce is also committing $500 million towards schools and charities as part of its efforts. The company also makes donations toward racial equity and the environment. Salesforce’s employees select the charities and choose how they donate their money and time, which creates a massive portfolio. 

According to Dan Romanoff, Morningstar senior equity research analyst, the campaign aligns with Salesforce’s record highlighting social causes. He added that the company’s co-founder and co-CEO Marc Beniodd has been politically outspoken. Marc has been known to take a stand and call on other company executives to tackle issues ranging from climate change to LGBTQ rights. 

Over the last five years, this focus on social and environmental justice has been a significant priority for investors. The demand for digital and software transformation is growing, which is why this campaign was born. Upon the recent acquisition of Slack, Salesforce has some potential challenges to getting its employees on board from a cultural standpoint. 

Whatever happens in the future, you can be sure that many companies are backing the Salesforce #TeamEarth campaign every step of the way. 

Salesforce’s Model Focuses on Values and Success for all Stakeholders

Success for the Earth, every person, and the stakeholders of Salesforce are what #TeamEarth was built on. Its beliefs have championed a new model for stakeholders whose commitment and key initiatives display its core values.

Below is listed some of the initiatives put in place by Salesforce:

  • Salesforce uses the 1-1-1 model, which dedicates 1% of employee’s time back, 1% of its product, and $1 of the company’s equity back to the community – Here’s our community pledge
  • $200 million commitment to advance racial equality and justice
  • Free or discounted technology to more than 54,000 non-profits, education, institutions, and philanthropic organizations
  • 6.5 million volunteer hours globally 
  • $495 million in grants to charitable organizations, including $100 million to Bay Area schools
  • Spending nearly $16 million to ensure equal pay since 2015
  • Taking steps to become a Net Zero company across its entire value chain
  • Co-founding, the global movement to converse, restore, and grow one trillion trees by 2030

These are just a few of the extraordinary things that Salesforce has done for the community worldwide. It looks like there is no stopping the movement, and the snowball effect of the good the company is doing for the world is catapulting us into the future. 

Join Salesforce and WeEngage Salesforce on their journey to solving the planet’s climate change problem today.

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